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Discover How Our Behavioural Lead Journey System is Proven to Help ICO/STO Projects Exceed Their Soft Cap and Earn Millions of Dollars

Our goal is to help you generate investors at will and reach your soft cap – and beyond – as quickly as possible

If you, own, manage, or run an ambitious ICO/STO project looking to raise at least $3-5m soft cap, what you’re about to read could be the difference between failing to exceed your soft cap and comfortably reaching your hard cap, and we can prove it…

What our

Сustomers say



Dozens of Top Quality ICO/STO explainer videos Isn’t Easy…

…when you understand just how much works goes into each video.

But it’s exactly that level of thought, skill, research, effort, and collaboration

that let us create videos that have directly contributed tens of millions of dollars

to successful ICO/STOs. In fact, using our unique Behavioural Lead Journey system,

one ICO recently attracted 2,969 newinvestors to their project

in just three weeks. We’ll show you how shortly, but first…

Why Not Enough People Read Your Whitepaper

As you know, ICO/STO investors rarely jump straight into reading a project’s technical whitepaper without being given good reason to do so.

First they need something that grabs their attention, makes them interested, builds their desire, and encourages the action of taking the time to read the whitepaper and decide to invest.

Whether that’s through driving cold-traffic from Youtube, or getting the investor’s attention when they’re already on your landing page, we’ve proven time and again that our explainer videos help projects get investors’ attention and help raise millions of dollars.

IMPORTANT: Before we reveal to you what we do and how we do it, you should know that we don’t offer a cheap and easy fix. Our videos are strictly for serious projects, with serious teams, willing and able to invest to get results from their ICO/STO.

If that sounds like you, then please, read on…

ICO/STO Videos Founder Rohan Kale speaking
at the Berlin Blockchain World Expo in Berlin 2018


How ICO Videos Helped a Popular ICO Get 2,969 New Investors in Less than 3 Weeks

(and the numbers are still rising)



IMPRESSIONS – Times the video adverts were shown on Youtube.


CLICKS – Number of people who followed the call to action to visit the sales page. YES.. that’s over 10% of the people who watched the video clicked through to the page.


INCREASE in organic, branded Google SEARCHES for the project throughout campaign.


VIEWS – People who watched without skipping.


NEW INVESTORS directly from watching the video advert – 3.57% conversion rate from cold video traffic
to becoming a paying investor.


Turned 35,052 ad spend into millions in investment.


Here’s How We Helped Achieved Them…


The Video Series

The owner of the successful ICO/STO project hired ICO/STO Videos to produce a series of six different videos to get ICO/STO investment to speed up the expansion and roll out of their charging stations throughout hotels worldwide.


The ICO/STO Investor

To communicate well, you have to know to whom you’re talking. The videos we created were targeted at different types of ICO/STO investors, each with a unique message including their uniques problems, their unique hopes, and their unique obstacles – always bearing in mind where they were in the buyer’s journey.


The Behavioural Lead Journey System

The first two videos – the main ones – follow ICO/STO Video’s Behavioural Lead Journey System which we’ll talk more about shortly as it is these videos that generated the results of this case study.


The Generate Interest

They needed to take a great idea and turn it into two videos that captured the public’s attention (so they wouldn’t skip the ads) and generate enough curiosity, interest, and desire so the public would follow the call to action and invest.. and that’s exactly what they did.


What our

Сustomers say

Here you can see how Digipharm got almost 11,000 organic reach by just posting a single video created using Behavioral Lead Journey. Needless to say the engagement is continuously growing.

What Is The Behavioural Lead Journey System?

You can’t expect quality results with a poor quality video, not when we’re talking about representing big businesses with big ideas.

That’s why ICO/STO Videos employs a crack team of copywriters, voiceover artists, graphic and animation specialists, and project managers to get the video right every step of the way.

Just one weak link can tank results.

With the team in place, ICO/STO Videos uses the unique Behavioural Lead Journey System to turn cold prospects into active buyers in the shortest time possible.

Here’s How It Works:

The Behavioural Lead Journey System


Video 1

is a high-level video focusing on key messages, promises and a problem-solution narrative that grabs the attention of the target market and builds there desire so they’re ready to click through and follow the call to action.


Video 2

is the more technical and specific of the two. It’s best used for retargeting viewers who watched the first video but didn’t click through. It acts as a second touch point to increase awareness and it repeats the key messages but offers more specific details about the business and the offer, as well as offering more technical information.


The script

is the heart of the video. You have 3-5 seconds to capture attention. Without attention, the video is like a print ad with no headline -useless.


From here,

the creative production team take over to storyboard the script so the client gets a visual representation of how the video will look prior to animation.


Everything here

is passed through legal and the client team to make sure everything is on the right track.


With everything agreed,

the video moves into production.


For a premium quality video

like those we created for the ICO/STO project in this case study, expect a 3-week delivery time (though videos can be made more quickly in certain circumstances).


The goal

of the videos was to get viewers to click the link to visit the ICO/STO sales page to by tokens.


Here Are Some of Our Works:

The Video Marketing Plan:

How to Use the Videos Effectively

In this case study, it was surprisingly simple.
You don’t need to make it complex to get results.


Samuel, who took care of video marketing used Youtube pre-roll ads.

YouTube preroll is a top of the funnel type of digital marketing, used mainly to raise awareness and partly to drive website traffic. It can also be used for lead generation. You may get some sales right away, depending on what you’re selling, but it’s not as immediate as AdWords search ads are.

When you hire ICO/STO Videos to produce your videos for you,

you’ll get our proven expertise and advice in video distribution, too.

Samuel targeted video 1 using keywords like ICO, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain to potentially interested investors – people who were already searching for videos in the space.

He also tested keywords for different ad groups for targets in the banking and finance sector and people looking for investment services.

He then retargeted viewers of video 1 with video 2 to stay top of mind and further encourage them to invest.

You can see the results from the screenshot below.

The top line shows the campaign for the video 2.
Line 2 shows the campaign for video 1.


When video 1 viewers were targeted with video 2 the conversion rate almost doubled from 0.29% to 0.52%. Here, please note that the conversion rate refers to the people who watched the video, clicked the call to action and invested immediately while on the sales page.

What’s more, throughout the campaign, organic searches for the specific ICO/STO and related keywords increased 300% due to increased awareness of the campaign.


Are Actually Much Greater than the Already Impressive Results We Could Directly Measure from







When your Youtube ads get results and increase in views, you’ll also find you get the long-term benefit from the organic ranking of your video within Youtube’s search algorithm – so the benefits from a good video marketing campaign using the Behaviour Lead Journey system are long-term and compound.

When you know what you’re doing, and the ads are well-targeted, you can get immediate sales.


Other Successful and Ongoing ICO/STOs for Which We’ve Produced Videos


s much as 85% of the people who watch a video of your product or service are more likely to buy.

That’s according to the latest studies. But why is video the most powerful driver of sales and conversions online?

Across almost every industry and every demographic people vastly prefer watching over reading…

…And there’s no easier or quicker way to get your message across – in a way that makes your prospects want to invest  – than with an ICO/STO explainer video.

Our videos are proven to drive traffic, increase conversions, lower your bounce rate (which boosts your search ranking) and keep people on your page for longer.

We understand that there are plenty of agencies you can choose from. And you’re right to be discerning about who you work with. So, if you’ll let me, I’d like to make life easier for you by taking a second to explain to you…

  • 85% More likely to buy

Why Choose


The truth is there are
good and bad videos just like there are
good and bad websites.


he best websites are made by a team of specialized experts who all know their role and stick to their area of expertise. To make the best possible website you’d need a coder, a graphic designer, a copywriter, and a UX/UI specialist etc. Such a quality team will always give you a better website for your business than hiring a small one-man generalist to build something generic from a template.

The same is true for videos.

Cheap companies work as one-man-bands or outsource to unknown providers to make their low prices possible. That means all you get is awful quality, template, cookie-cutter videos with little thought about what they’re saying that’s unique to you and your brand. These videos can do more harm than good by giving your customers the wrong impression of your quality.

That’s why you should work with us.

Working with ICO/STO Videos will get you access to a crack, global team that works to a proven 7-step process that delivers quality videos that are proven to convert, every single time.

That means you get quality videos that will help you reach your soft cap – and beyond – as quickly as possible.



Meet a Crew of Professionals

Here are the magicians behind your video work. We believe that each business has its own story and it deserves to be heard. Our goal as a team is to help 100,000 businesses get their story out infront of their target prospects with compelling videos. We strongly believe in the power of video and are certain that it can be a massive enabler for any business.

Rohan Kale
Founder, The Captain of the Ship
Dilek Saticieli
Marketing Strategist, The Brain Behind our Marketing
Mara De Guzman
Project Manager, The 'Doer' who helps us grow from the shadows
Matt Oxborrow
Financial / Tech Copywriter, Writes amazing words that persuade
Leon Van Der Walt
Health Care / Personal Branding Copywriter, Great storyteller and also runs
Beth Scott
SAAS / Tech Copywriter, Expert in Writing Polarizing Copy
Klemen Sibilj
Communication Department Head, Keeps Everyone on Track Internally
Ahmed Bilal
Creative Department Head, The magician behind all the graphics and animations who also handles all the creative resources
Samuel Junghenn

The genius behind growing a YouTube channel, expanding reach and running super-targeted acquisition campaigns.


Rohan’s Founder Story

ICO/STO Videos isn’t new. We began life as – an explainer video company.

In late 2017, having made hundreds of videos for videos across all industries, I became crypto curious and soon found myself swept up in crypto histeria.

I wanted to begin investing for myself but struggled initially to understand the brilliant technical genius of founders on their website and whitepapers.

As a communications specialist, I’m used to simplifying complex ideas, so it didn’t take me long to educate myself and decipher what ICO/STO projects were trying to say.

Unfortunately for founders of ICO/STO projects, few people are engaged communications experts. Fewer yet are technically minded enough to understand what they’re trying to say – and a confused investor is reluctant to part with their money.

A Problem To Be Solved

Good communication, like good blockchain projects, is an exercise in solving problems.

In my experience as the founder of, I’d created the Behavioural Lead Journey system.

It’s very purpose was to create a series of videos designed to appeal to multiple audiences, taking even the least sophisticated customer on a journey from unaware to purchase in the shortest time possible.

I knew the BLJ could bridge the gap between the technical genius of project founders and curious investors.

It didn’t take long to bring the first blockchain clients on board and the results are clear for anyone to see from our numerous case studies and testimonials.

We’d solved a problem for blockchain project founders that could be the difference between wild success and valiant-but-miserable failure.

Just take a look what Svet, consultant on the successful GIFcoin ICO/STO has to say about us….

Rohan Kale,
CEO and Founder

Just take a look

What Svet, Consultant on the successful
GIFcoin ICO has to say about us…

“The excellent videos helped us reach the softcap of 5000ETH and grow our brand.”



As good business leaders know, product and service reliability comes from talented people following proven processes.

The same is true for creative industries. That’s why we follow a 7-step process that lets our talented and highly trained team unleash their creativity to its full potential to drive results for clients.

STEP 1: Story Activation
Every video starts life with an understanding of your customers.

Through you, we gather information on who they are, what they want from you, what they may object to, what they believe, what they feel about the problem and solution in front of them.

This informs what we say to them, and how we say it.

We provide you a simple set of questions that help us get these insights. This lets us develop your unique brand story, which we’ll use to inform your campaign whether you want one video from us, or ten.

After this, we do our own internal research with our team of copywriters, graphic designers and animators and we bring the third party’s perspective because that’s how your target audience will perceive you if they’ve never heard of you before.

The beauty of this is that we can easily find - and bridge - the gap between how you perceive your business and how your prospects see it.
STEP 2: Magnetic Script Formulation
The script is the heart of the video.

It’s the beating pulse. It’s what gives life.

A Hollywood quality video without a magnetic script is destined to fail. This is where our expert copywriters come into play.

After studying you questionnaire, you’ll have 1 or 2 intensive interview rounds with our copywriters where we literally drill you down with questions. The goal here is to get to the bottom of the messaging so that your ideal prospects can relate to.

The quality of the output can only be as great as the quality of the input. It’s imperative the copywriter understands you, your business, your customer, and what you aim to achieve.

This is how the script stage is finalized.

The generalized components of a well-written script are as follows:

An attention grabbing opening line - What this video is about and why the viewer should watch
Problem (pushes emotional buttons of the prospect)
Introduction to you
Solution (displays a solution and possibilities to targeted audience)
Social proof
Call to action
STEP 3: Visual Concept Reveal (Storyboarding)
The storyboard is like a powerpoint presentation of the video to come.

It takes the script and brings it to life with slides representing the graphics corresponding to each part of the script so you can begin to visualise the final result and make changes before animation.

Each slide is first illustrated (hand drawn) and then converted into a graphic.

This means that each video concept is unique and you can be assured that your video is 100% original and the assets used will not be seen anywhere on the internet - unlike with templated videos.

We create the graphics taking into consideration what your prospect hear, see, feel or do on a daily basis. This helps your prospect connect with your product/service you offer.

It also hits the authority trigger because you are displaying the fact that you understand your prospect and know the way to help them reach their target destination by solving their pain points.

We make sure to include your feedback and not go ahead without your thumbs up. This stage makes sure we’re heading in the right direction.
STEP 4: Vocal Talent
Your brand, quite literally, should have a voice. One that represents your messaging.

The brand can be serious, playful, funny, polarizing, etc and the voiceover should be consistent throughout your video communications so there’s no mismatch.

We sought out a collection of more than 100 of the smoothest vocal artists to lend professional quality to all our voiceovers and dialogue performances.

You are given the full range to choose from in our huge library which includes male and female voiceover artists from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, etc. You name it and we have it - or can find it.
STEP 5: Animation
Here it all comes together.

It’s the most time-consuming and labour-intensive part of the entire video.

The HD quality video makes sure that your video’s resolution reflects the quality of your brand.
STEP 6: Motion and Sound Design
The video is almost finished, now we just need to add the final sound effects to bring the video to life.

This phase of development requires a steady hand and some fine tuning to ensure everything is timed perfectly and there’s no awkward silences or props flying offscreen.

The music is selected in a way as to represent your brand’s messaging and voice consistently.

It’s intense work, but it’s always worth going the extra mile.
STEP 7: Delivery and Distribution
Now your video is finalized, it’s ready to be shown to your audience.

We deliver all our videos as soon as they’re ready, in the highest quality format – and we’ll also stick around to guide you on the best way to post your video, when, and to who.

Because it might seem simple, but getting maximum engagement and ROI on your campaign is our priority, too.

And there you have it…

...the recipe for a high converting magnetic video that connects your business to customers.

What our

Сustomers say

The State of Video Marketing in 2018 - According to Hubspot

The following are excerpts taken from Hubspot’s ‘State of video marketing in 2018 report.’


Video usage is on the rise.

  • 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63%, the number reported in 2017 survey.
  • 99% of those who already do use video, say they’ll continue to do so in 2018.
  • 65% of those who don’t currently use video, say they plan to start in 2018.

We watch a lot of video.

From the video content we watch at work, to online streaming services and beyond, video is a central part of how we live. We asked respondents specifically how much video content they’d watch in a typical day, and the average response was 1.5 hours. 15%, meanwhile, told us they watch more than 3 hours of video on a typical day.


Marketers rely on video to help them do their jobs.

Video is often cited as a tool that helps drive various areas of business performance, and the numbers back up those claims:

  • 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 76% say it helped them increase sales.
  • 47% say it helped them reduce support queries.
  • 76% say it helped them increase traffic.
  • 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website.
  • 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
  • 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 69% of people have been convinced to buy a piece of software or application by watching a video.
  • 85% of people say they’d like to see more video from brands in 2018.

To put these facts to good use for your business and get ahead of your competitors click the button below to get your video



Your crack team will include…


A professional video script copywriter to make sure your script says the right thing at the right time to your target market.


A creative storyboarding whizz to make sure we’re telling the right story in a way that makes customers want to buy from you.

An expert video animation specialist who takes the storyboard and brings it to life so your brand gets a first class ticket.

A voiceover artist with your choice of US, UK, Australian accent or more so your brand is represented in a way that connects with your customers on a familiar level.

A reliable project manager who updates you every step of the way and makes sure you get a video that converts by the promised deadline.


Your investment amount in ICO/STO Explainer Videos will vary according to
the quality of video you require.

To help guide your decision, however, let’s look at the following typical example below, so you can decide for yourself with a few quick calculations.


Your ICO/STO project aiming at a $2.5m soft cap boosts traffic and conversions by just 25% with an animated explainer video

2,000 New Website Visitors

2% Conversion Rate

$500 Average Investment Value

3-month ICO/STO

2,000 new website visitors per day converting at 2% with an average investment value of $500 throughout a 3-month ICO/STO.

40 new investors/day x $500 x 90 days =
With a $2.5m soft cap the project is a failure.

With a 20% improvement in traffic and conversions you’d have 2,500 new website visitors per day converting at 2.5%. Suddenly with one small change you have 62.5 daily investors instead of just 50. Instead of failing to reach the soft cap, now you’ve made $2,812,500. More than an extra $1m in investment revenue and your project is a success. You don’t have to give the money back.

But that was just a conservative estimate. Our Behavioural Lead Journey system is proven to do much more than that…


Because you’re using videos that grab attention and convert, you get more results for less ad spend. So now, instead of getting only 2,000 new website visitors per day, you get 5,000 for the same investment.

What’s more, because you’ve used the Behavioural Lead Journey system, they’re ready and hot to buy and your conversion rate jumps to 3%. (We’ve seen conversion rates at 3.57% from cold traffic using our videos, so it’s not unreasonable to expect 3%). 5,000 website visitors converting at 3% is $75,000 per day. Here’s what that looks like over 90 days…

Instead of struggling to reach your soft cap of $2.5m and potentially failing the ICO/STO, suddenly…

With ICO/STO Videos using the Behavioural Lead Journey System

150 investors per day x $500 x 90 days =

Your ICO/STO makes $6,750,000

Please note: These aren’t random hypotheticals, we’ve already helped other ICO/STO projects get BETTER than these results. You’ve little to lose in requesting a free consultation call – and it could be the difference between ICO/STO failure and wild success.


Everything you get when you hire ICO/STO Videos

  • A crack team of individual expert who come together to get you proven results
  • A deep-dive project survey and call so we understand as much about your project as possible to get the message across simply
  • Unlimited revision until you’re happy
  • A video that not only drives traffic and converts but reflect the quality of your project inspiring trust, confidence, and belief
  • A 3-week turnaround as standard (provided all feedback is prompt)
  • A reliable 7-step process that guarantees a quality of video you’ll struggle to find anywhere else at a similar price point
  • An incomparable marketing tool to make your project the greatest success possible

Just Imagine What The Right ICO/STO Explainer Video Made By The Experts Could Do For You

Think about it for a second. Make a modest investment in our videos and you could enjoy the kind of success most ICO/STO projects only dream of.

We’ll do all the work for you. We’ll even advise on marketing and distribution..

There’s no risk because we’ll make sure you get a video you love that is purposely designed to boost conversion.

We guarantee your satisfaction and we back that up with our actions.

We’ll revise the video until you’re happy with the results.

You've really got nothing to lose. So why not get started right now?

To find out what kind of ROI an animated explainer video will get for you and your ICO/STO project, get started below.


How Long Is Each Video?

Experience and study shows us the first video in the behavioural lead journey system works best when around 90 seconds in length.

The second video can go upto 2 minutes or more since we have already created the intrigue with the help of the first video and the viewer now wants more information.

Please note: We charge a flat-fee for videos. The video will be as long as necessary to get you the best results. Sometimes that’s shorter, often it’s a little longer. What we will NEVER do is fill your video with fluff to create a longer, more expensive video. With ICO/STO Videos, you know that paying a flat rate means you get the video that’s right for you.


We guarantee that you’ll be 100% happy with the video we make for you.

How? Let me explain.


When the copywriter writes the script… you get to review it. You can then revise it as many times as you like until you’re 100% happy with it.


Then the script goes to the story boarder. When the storyboard is complete, again, you get to review it. When you’re 100% happy with the storyboard, the animator gets to work…


… then the voiceover artist…


… then any music and SFX get added…


… and finally, you end up with a video you love that converts more prospects into investors.

And that’s how we guarantee that you’ll be 100% with the work we produce.
But you must act now…


If you want to convert more investors with an animated explainer video, there are two reasons why you should act right now:

1. We’re small, successful, and in demand.

We can only make a certain number of videos each month while maintaining our exceptional standards of quality. That means, when we’re full, we’re really full. So, if you don’t act now, you’ll have to join the waiting list and we might not be able to work on your project before your ICO/STO is ready – putting your ICO/STO success at risk.

2. How many successful procrastinators do you know?

Any? You know animated explainer videos are the best way to increase conversions online, so why wait any longer?

Get started now with a video that turns more prospects into customers by clicking the button below.



ICO/STO Video:

ICO/STO Videos is a global collective of handpicked copywriters, sound experts, graphic artists, audio professionals, voiceover artists and illustrators, ICO/STO Videos is the reincarnation of, created in 2015. Since then we’ve specialised in offering global companies quick, efficient video marketing for maximum ROI. Most recently we’ve been helping blockchain companies get incredible results for their ICO/STO .
ICO/STO Videos
Frequently Asked Questions

You have a guarantee of quality work, but we can’t reasonably guarantee results as there are too many variables outside our control. You can be sure that every video we create begins with the end in mind and we’re 100% results focussed.

This depends on the style you require. However, we ask clients to expect a 2-4 week turnaround depending on video style you require.

It’s always better to allow good time for production, however, we’re no stranger to projects coming to us at the last minute in desperate need of a video to help spread their message. Please try and avoid this, but, in special circumstances, we are able to turnaround videos in as little as 5-7 days.

Yes, our graphic guys are great. They’ll work with you at every step of the process to make sure the graphics are exactly what you expect. Not sure what to expect? Then you can let their experience guide you. Either way, we’ll make sure you get the graphics you need to get the results you want.

We do promote your videos across social media in the form of case studies but we mainly specialize in video content creation . For paid advertising, we have our trusted partners that we refer our clients to.

Why wait any longer? Contact us now to talk about ICO/STO explainer videos for your project.

P.S. If you’ve skipped to the bottom of the page, it’s a brief recap of the page in full:

  • We’re an ICO/STO Explainer Video Marketing Agency with multiple proven 7-figure results for ICO/STO projects.
  • If you’re an ICO/STO project looking to raise at least $3-5m soft cap, we’re the right team for you.
  • ICO/STO Videos helped a popular ICO/STO get 2,969 new investors in less than 3 weeks (and the numbers are still rising).
  • Our videos work because of the unique Behavioural Lead Journey system which uses two types of video – one high level for general awareness and desire, one more specific for successful retargeting
  • Proof and analytics of results using our videos to turn cold Youtube traffic into millions of dollars in investment.
  • We’ve worked on dozens of ICO/STO projects including DIGIPHARM, GIFcoin, Uulala, and more.
  • As much as 85% of the people who watch a video of your product or service are more likely to buy. That’s according to the latest studies.
  • You get big agency quality at an affordable price so you can get excited about profitably converting more investors – without worrying about the risk.
  • Crack team of script writers, voice over artists, story boarders, project managers, SFX and animators.
  • Our videos could be the difference between ICO/STO failure and wild success. For just $5,000 per video, you could make tens of millions in extra revenue.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with unlimited revisions of every video at every stage of the process so you know you’ll get a video you love – and that converts.
  • Best to act now because we’re small, in demand, and have limited production capability to produce such high quality videos.